Schedule Your Free Consultation

In a free consultation, we discuss all your wishes. I am more than happy to think along with you about all the details. Moreover, I believe it is very important for you to get to know me a little - it is crucial that you feel comfortable with me to get relaxed images. After our consultation, you will hopefully have all the information to decide if you want me to be your photographer.

Reserve Your Date

If you decide to add me to your wedding team, I will send you a quote. This is based on the information and number of hours we discussed during the consultation. After paying a deposit of 50% your date is definitively reserved. I will be available up until (and after) your wedding day to answer any additional questions.

Finalize the Details

A wedding photographer is often booked months to years in advance. At least one month before the wedding, we’ll discuss the last updates and review the schedule, so I can prepare accordingly.

Enjoy Your Big Day!

Believe me when I say that I am very excited about this day! On your wedding day, I ensure I’ll be as invisible as possible without missing any moments you want to remember. I want you to fully enjoy your day and leave the rest to me. If needed, I will give some directions but otherwise, I capture the day as it unfolds.

Get a Sneak Peek

After the wedding day and payment of the invoice, my work of selecting and editing begins. Since you are likely eager to see some images, you will receive a preview of a few photos within one week. Each photo is individually reviewed and edited with care, which takes time and love. You will receive the entire online gallery approximately 6-10 weeks after your wedding.

Relive Your Special Day

You will receive all the photos in an online gallery, neatly organized into the different moments of the day. Feel free to share the gallery with everyone you want! If they are shared on social media, I would love to be tagged. I still believe in the value of tangible photos and that there is a magic in them that cannot be captured digitally. This is why you will receive a small album from me with the most beautiful photos from your wedding as a gift!

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